The portrait professional is a bespoke portrait and head shot photography business run by commercial fashion and portrait photographer Marc Aitken, based in Bath UK.
Marc has a passion for photography and particularly for lighting, having studied at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) when he was in medium sized trousers!
For many years Marc was a highly successful sound engineer working on productions across the world. After many years of touring with bands he eventually built his own recording studio where he first began to utilize the skills he'd learned working with actors and developed them into a method for putting musicians and performers at ease in front of the microphone.

All that changed one fateful day when Marc was persuaded to work as lighting director on a music video at the world renowned Realworld Studios run by Peter Gabriel. A colleague had been helping Marc on his myriad short films and music videos which by now had begun to rival his interest in music recording and put his name forward. After a hair greying initial few minutes Marc realised he'd found his real passion and lighting became the predominant interest in his life.

Growing up in a model agency environment as a child it was perhaps inevitable that Marc would find his way into the fashion industry.
A fateful call some years ago to join a young fledgling American fashion magazine led to an involvement in London Fashion Week that continues to this day. Marc's work has been in demand ever since and his work has been featured in numerous publications from Vogue to The Times as well as regularly featuring in magazines in his home town of Bath.

Marc had been approached on many occasions to shoot head shots for actors and business entrepreneurs and realized the approach to putting people at ease in front of the camera was something that came naturally to him and was a perfect utilization of the approach honed by years spent in the theatre and recording studio.

Whether you're an established actor or model who wants a new set of picture for your portfolio or a business person who wants a portrait or head shot for your company profile, or just a someone that would like the opportunity to get the picture of yourself you always thought was in there waiting to come out, Marc is the ideal person to help you achieve the perfect result.

Marc has a talented team of make up artists and stylists who can help you to active whatever look you desire in as complex or as straight forward a manner as you wish.
From a simple head shot for your LinkedIn profile through to a portrait worthy of a front cover of a magazine, Marc will use his skills to make you look like the best version of you imaginable and all done with a smile, some fine tea and some truly bad jokes all at no extra cost!