"Wow!!!... Awesome images am duly impressed, beers are overdue"
Richard Hammond,  Television Presenter.

"I hate photos but my profession makes them a necessary evil, however Mr Aitken changed what is usually an exercise in self esteem crushing, to a painless and enjoyable session that produced a fantastic image ( that was still me ! ) I can't recommend him highly enough."
Charlotte Rogers, Artist and Author

"Oh My God …. that is so beautiful. Phenomenal job, for which huge thanks."
Jonathan Willis, Film Producer

I walked in to Marc's studio feeling rather shy as I hate having my photo taken. We dived in to conversation straight away and we didn't see a camera for a while. When it came to standing in front of the camera, I really just wanted to carry on the conversation with Marc and drink tea. So, the conversation refused to be quelled and we carried on between the clicks and flashes.  I was no longer nervously posing for a photographer, I was conversing with a friend and turning to face the camera lens once in a while.
This is Marc's genius! combining his experience, immense talent and magnetic personality he created a natural environment and captured my true self. This is fundamental to having a great headshot for an actor.                                                                                                            Nicholas Beyer,  Actor

"I'm not very keen on having my picture taken but I needed something for my website that was different and unconventional. I felt very relaxed and with Marc's extraordinary lighting, he absolutely captured the essence of who I am. If you are looking for something unusual he is your man." Alexandra May, owner Alexandra May Jewellery

"Marc is a wonderful photographer and has become a great friend. His shoots are always extremely professional but also a laugh as we bond over Waitrose sandwiches. He recently did some shots for my theatre and film portfolio which came out really well and have connected me with some brilliant exiting people. His work displays elegance and grace often with a cheeky side. Wonderful wonderful man and photographer!"
Ellie Ekers, Actress

"I've had the pleasure of working with Marc on several projects. He is always the ultimate professional - in his ability, approach and results. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone."          
Tim King, Director Vocalworks Gospel Choir

 "I was someone who never liked having my photo taken, until I had the good fortune to have Marc Aitken take my portrait photo, for my jewellery business. His ability to create innovative photographs through his skill as a lighting designer and stylist, to create the perfect ambiance, resulted in a wonderful portrait that reflects me and my work. If you want a unique portrait that creatively expresses who you are then I would highly recommend Marc Aitken."
Belinda Haag, owner Belinda Haag Jewellery

"I had seen Marc Aitken’s dramatic and startlingly original images from a shoot at the old Cleveland Pools in Bath and thought ‘here is a photographer with imagination.’ I met him and tentatively suggested the idea of doing a Game of Thrones shoot that would be both original and yet not too over the top for our readers. Could we throw in some powerful women and maybe even some direwolves without appearing to go down the cosplay route? Marc took the theme and ran with it. Using his trademark combination of diligence and charm he conjured up a creative team of people to make the shoot come to life. With never a cross word he managed that fine tightrope between getting the technical set up spot on while keeping the models calm and engaged. The results of our Winter is Coming shoot were fantastic. The Bath Magazine’s October issue rocked, with a money shot on the cover and seven more pages of fashion shots by Marc inside. The feedback has been tremendous. I would happily work with Marc on future projects and recommend him for his professional approach, good humour, manners and the ability to deliver fantastic results."      
Georgette McCready, Editor The Bath Magazine

"The whole shoot was very well received and your images went down really well across staff and customers.  The images were great and just what we'd hoped for."                                      
Sara Wilson, Styling & Photography Manager Jigsaw

"I would highly recommend Marc as he has a strong artistic vision that made it exciting to work together. He is very patient when producing the shots and as a perfectionist strives hard to get the photos I require."
Nickie Portman, Jewellery Designer

"I recently featured in Marc's series of Clothes Music Girls shots - working as a personal trainer and a running coach it was exciting to have the opportunity to portray my more glamorous side and have some fun too! Marc put me at ease in front of the camera from the beginning.... He has great vision as well as a natural talent for lighting and styling to bring out the best in everyone he shoots. If you're looking for a fabulous portrait shot that really let's your personality shine through then give Marc a call.  The results will be nothing short of stunning I guarantee, I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it all over again."
Sarah Lillywhite, Health & Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer

"Marc's enthusiasm, commitment and integrity for his work, complimented by his sensitive thinking outside the box and artistic flair produces fabulous results. Marc put my son completely at ease for his 21st birthday portrait photos and we now have wonderful unique pictures to treasure. I thoroughly recommend Marc's talent and his work."
Sue Way, Acupuncturist

"Marc is someone who gets bold idea's and makes them happen! As a makeup artist myself it's great to work with someone that understands the industry so well and has fun with it, he always makes you feel at ease, somehow he's even managed to get me behind the camera a couple of times..."
Claire-Louise Bender, Make Up Artist

"I have worked with Marc on a number of occasions now. Marc is wacky, outgoing and full of ambition and you can really see that in the photographs he takes. He's really friendly to be around and really makes you feel relaxed. Being a model in some of Marc's complex theatrical style shoots has really been an eye opener to me and has almost made me see photography in a different light. It's been a pleasure to work with Marc and I hope to do many more shoots in the near future."
Angelica Baines, Model and Photographer

"This was the best fun! I went from being self conscious, nervous & embarrassed to bossy, annoying & extroverted. I can only blame Marc for allowing it to happen. Thank-you."                                 
Susi Glatt, Costume Designer